Play-In is an indoor multi-sensory environment, where all children can come together to stretch, play, learn, feel and grow. We are unique from all other indoor playgrounds because our play area is set up with each child’s sensory system in mind, and offers specialized equipment to help kids achieve balance. Play-In provides a creative and innovative space where kids of all ages can climb, jump, swing, spin, hang, build, glide and feel their way through a variety of different environments. Play-In is a safe space for genuine exploration, imagination, and fun.


GO Package

Monthly Membership

Unlimited Play / Classes

Create Package

Monthly Membership

Unlimited Play / Classes
50% off Parents Play-Out

Sense Package

Monthly Membership

Unlimited Play /Classes
50% off PPO / Workshops
10% off birthday parties

Weekly Hours

Children of all ages and abilities welcome.

Play-in Happy Hour
4 to 7pm
$12.00 + tax
all ages

Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday
Open play
$16.00 + tax all day
4 to 6 pm will include a class
Ages 3 and up

Open-play $16.00 + tax all day

*open play rate for kids under 3 years old: $12 all day