Parent Workshops

Past workshops

Here’s a list of past, and upcoming, parent workshops. Don’t forget to check back for updated listings, or you can call us or drop by.

Conscious Discipline – Brain Basics for Being the Parents We Want to Be!

Let’s face it, parenting is hard, and kids don’t come with a handbook. Wouldn’t it be great if you could understand how your child’s brain works so you can be a better parent? This workshop, led by Katja von Elbe, a certified conscious discipline certified instructor, taught parents the four Brain Smart principles for guiding behavior and how it can be applied to everyday parenting. Moms and dads also got to ask questions about challenges they face, and how to use brainpower to address them.

Check back soon to see when we’ll offer this workshop again.

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Conscious Discipline – I Love You Rituals: Cooperation Follows Connection

Led by Katja von Elbe, a conscious discipline certified instructor, this workshop focused on I Love You Rituals. Research shows that in order to get cooperation from your child, there must be a connection. This workshop taught parents exactly how to build that bond by explaining how individual moments make a difference, and also discussing personalized family play rituals and mini-games. The workshop also explained the brain chemistry of connection.

Check back soon to see when we’ll offer this workshop again.



Setting Limits Without Guilt by Katja von Elbe, Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor.

  • Learn how our acceptance helps a child accept  “No” and “Not Now”.
  • Understand the value of upset feelings
  • Practice a step-by-step coaching process
  • Know what to say and do instead of bribe or threaten

Heal your kids by Stasi Sarantos-Lee

Fermented foods and heavy metals

Workshop on how fermented foods are used to heal the gut and detox heavy metals naturally without the use of drugs.

Based on her personal experiences with her own children, Stasi has developed a holistic 3-step program to understanding and reducing inflammation and imbalances in kids’ guts. This program has been beneficial for kids with ADHD, Autism, and autoimmune diseases.