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About Play-In

Our interactive multi-sensory activity center is divided into three environments:


These stimulating spaces will allow children to engage their senses on various levels, depending on their capacity, interest and developmental level. Bring your kids down for Open Play any day, Monday through Friday. Stay as long as you like!

GO — Indoor Play 

Physical exercise and fun are the focus of the main space, called GO, which houses monkey bars, climbing structures, a tunnel slide, spinning equipment, swings, two enclosed trampolines, a zip-line and a giant block building station called Imagination Playground.

Take a peek into GO…

There’s so much to do, you won’t know where to start, and your children will always find something new to explore. GO is housed in a bright, air-conditioned warehouse space offering natural light and 17-foot high ceilings, with original murals on two walls by New York City graffiti artist PHASE 2. Like a magic forest where something new and delightful can be found around every corner, GO fosters hours of independent and collaborative play under the supervision of parents or therapists.

SENSE — The Quiet Space at Play-In

Kids love to chill out and get centered in SENSE. It’s a calm, dark, quiet room featuring an illuminated translucent ball pit and a vibro-acoustic tunnel, allowing children a place to focus and relax.

CREATE — Art and Creativity at Play-In 

In CREATE, kids are invited to indulge their natural instinct for invention. This space fosters adventuring in messy artistic creations with a variety of ever-changing media, from paint to crayons to clay to glue and paper.


The Baby and Toddler Space at Play-In is designed for little ones constantly on the move. It features age-appropriate playground structures for small children to engage in active play, explore their surroundings, and learn in a stimulating and safe environment. Babies and toddlers are starting to take in the world around them, and have a quest for adventure! Our colorful soft play equipment, complete with climbers, slides and mats indulges babies’ senses, while our toddler house with tunnel and slide provides endless hours of child entertainment.

Parents Can Play Too!

At Play-In, we encourage parent engagement and interaction during our Open Play time, and although we offer various programs and professionals to provide direction and guidance  such as Team-Play  there’s nothing more rewarding as a parent than being able to observe first hand and participate in your child’s experience, discovery and development.

And remember, in addition to being an awesome place to play, Play-In offers therapies for children with special needs and developmental delays. Visit us and find out whey we’ve become the coolest autism kids gym in town!

Meet our team

  • Nina Ginatta

    Nina Ginatta

    Director and BCBA

    Play-In was created by Nina Ginatta, MSEd, BCBA, an educator and Behavior Analyst, with

  • Jennifer Baumann

    Jennifer Baumann

    Operations Manager

    Jennifer graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology in

  • Ashley Drucker

    Ashley Drucker

    Occupational Therapist

    Ashley Drucker Tables received her license in the state of Florida after passing the

  • Jimena Hills

    Jimena Hills

    Recreational Therapist

    Jimena Hills is a Certified Recreational Therapist and president of Rec Connection. Through her

  • Mireia Canuda

    Mireia Canuda

    YogaMusic Teacher

    Mireia Canudas was born in Barcelona with love for fitness since she was a

  • Shana Lazar

    Shana Lazar

    Speech Therapist

    Shana has over 20 years experience working with children. – Works with children with