Therapy Camp


Therapy Camp is great for kids with special needs, such as autism, who benefit from small group ratios (3:1 child to staff) and personalized attention from highly trained recreational therapists. Play-In’s special needs camp is a multi-sensory experience that works on fine motor skills, sensory needs, physical strengthening, emotional regulation and social skills through teamwork and inclusion activities with the day campers.

Kids enjoy cool projects, obstacle courses, motivating physical activities, and also arts and crafts adapted to all levels. With the aid of visual schedules and communication adaptation when necessary, children build their confidence at this special needs camp. Children paint, rock climb, jump on trampolines, enjoy time on sensory swings and have a fun-filled time in our indoor multi-sensory gym!

Therapy camp is also offered on major holidays and most teacher planning days, along with single day drop-in on camp days.


The recreational therapy camp includes:

-Multi-Sensory Experience

-Fun & Motivating Physical Activities

-Small Groups

-Art Projects adapted to all levels

-Fine Motor & Puzzle Stations

-Adaptations for Communication

-3:1 Child to Staff Ratios

(if you need a 1:1 assigned for your child please notify us)

-Balanced Structured Day

-Visual Schedules

-Inclusion Opportunities

-Assisting with Emotional Regulation

-Physical Strengthening Social Skills Confidence

-Meeting each childs Sensory Needs