YoMu Yoga Family

Come one, come all! Enjoy some quality family time while engaging and exercising in our family yoga class on Thursday afternoons. Practice partner or family yoga poses, relaxing breathing exercises and yoga freeze dance that will get you up and moving! YoMu has created two books and three bilingual musical albums with one  bilingual mindful teacher to help guide your family for a positively energizing class! All ages are welcome to join in on the experience!

YogaMusic Kids

YogaMusic is a complete Yoga, Mindfulness and Music system that provides creative and resourceful tools according to children’s different energy levels. Our mission is for educators and parents to apply the tools in their daily lives so the development of a child’s mind, body and spirit is creative and fun.

Yoga Obstacle Course

A dynamic and enjoyable new class at Play-In!! It is a completely non-competitive activity that builds strength, flexibility, focus and balance skills while allowing children and their families to move around in a structured format.  We are going to practice yoga poses around the indoor play-ground while improving our motor coordination using different materials while building new structures all together!

About YogaMusic


 Calling all yoga kids to play! YogaMusic is catered to each child’s individual needs, regardless of their abilities or skill level. Children are naturals for the practice of YogaMusic.  Their bodies are an open book to learn and observe, while their minds and emotions are in full development. Each and every stressful situation, tension, and/or conflict at home, at school, and in everyday life, can have a lasting effect on the lives of children. When the practice of YogaMusic is implemented, it can help children of all ages understand their own emotions and learn how to cope with the challenges of everyday life, become more attentive in school while also establishing better relationships with themselves and their loved ones.


YogaMusic Kids

Mondays @ 430pm

Classes are recommended for children ages 3 and up and included in the Open Play rate of $18 plus tax.

YogaObstacle Course

Tuesdays @ 5pm

Mandala Making

Tuesdays @ 530pm